What was the Obama Administration’s official position/statement on Hunter Biden’s employment with the Ukrainian company Burisma?

ONE – Biden, just after Ukraine freed itself from the grip of a hugely corrupt Soviet puppet, carried the water for State Department experts in Washington who insisted that the corrupt “prosecutor” who was guarding Burisma should get the axe. He got the axe, because that released a billion dollars in aid.

TWO – Beau Biden died; Joe Biden’s devotion to family, and prior loss of family (his first wife and a daughter, in a car crash, anyone?) drained his energies.

THREE – During Beau’s illness, Burisma seemed to pull an end run on Joe Biden by putting his son Hunter on the board. Biden’s aides, or so I’m told, did their best to isolate him from the matter.

FOUR – Biden wasn’t even in office any more when this went down.

FIVE – Hunter Biden, per another answer here, turned out to have actual value to Burisma.

SIX – Our truth-loving Republican Honorable Representatives tell the story as though Joe Biden fired that prosecutor specifically so that he wouldn’t kick Hunter off the board.

Can you spell “callous and deliberate untruth,” boys and girls?

And to think, I’ve cast all my votes for Republicans since I got the right to do that, 54 years ago. It appears that “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” has become “Dr. Jekyll goes to Washington, and Mr. Hyde comes back. And nowadays, some of the time it’s Mr. Hyde out there smiling at the voters on his first win.

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