How likely do you think it is the Democrats may lose one or more seats in the house to the Republican Party before the completion of impeachment trial?

That poor devil (a Democrat who has already stated a plan to switch parties prior to the vote this coming week) is hearing echoes, from his constituency, of the sham bull$#!t arguments raised by the Republicans, to wit:

A) Joe Biden was a rat; therefore
B) It was a public duty to expose him; therefore
C) Persuading Ukraine’s current president to announce the investigation was “perfect.”


A) Joe Biden was carrying water for Obama and all of Western Europe when he threatened Ukraine that he would withhold $1Billion in aide if they didn’t fire their do-nothing corruption investigator. Who was doing nothing. So they fired the SOB. Who, by the way, wasn’t even *supposed* to be investigating Burisma, since Western Europe was already in charge of that.
B) Guess who went parading around with Rudi Giuliani to allege that Joe Biden had him fired for a corrupt reason? Yeah, that same corrupt official.
C) When did Hunter Biden get tapped to serve on Burisma’s board?
c1) Two years later.
c2) At a time when Joe Biden was trying to deal with the death of even more of his family (lost his first wife, and a daughter, in a car crash, thirty-ish years ago.)
c3) So his staff decided not to bother him with what had gone down with Hunter.
c4) So was that a questionable thing? Of course; Burma clearly hadn’t had the full come-to-Jesus experience, and wanted a shield. Which they didn’t need.
D) It turns out Hunter didn’t need to know about carbon-based fuels at all; boards don’t go that far into industrial detail. They answer business questions, and Hunter Biden did Burisma the favor of courting a financial deal, at retail, above board.

So you tell me who the sham artists are? During the hearings last week / earlier this week at least one Republican stated a very clear slander, that Joe Biden got the guy fired who was about ready to chase Hunter Biden off Burisma’s board, then bragged about it.

The decorum of the House requires that charges of outright lying, a.k.a. knowingly uttering deliberate untruth, never be uttered. But I get to. The wee worthy gentleman whose lips were moving spoke a calculated perversion of the actual events, what you and I and most other people would realize wasn’t just a lie, but a damned lie.

Karma is a bitch; the Republicans have fooled a lot of folks; but they can’t fool enough people with feces like that dripping off their coat tails.

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