How is it that Republicans can just ignore facts/science/proof for what they perceive to be?

When the truth is fully obvious, its unfriends see it in six point type (like you see on a five-page telephone service contract) while to the other side it’s in large florid print with gold leaf on the capital letters. This is how Republicans can say that the President’s deeds are truly small potatoes, and since no real harm occurred, i.e. Russia didn’t sweep over the next fifty to one hundred miles of Ukraine, hey no big deal.

In short, THAT is how Republicans can ignore the obvious facts that Trump really did reach into Ukraine’s piggy bank, and really did demonize one of the better ambassadors the State Department has, in a failed attempt at political gain. And then point back at his failure and interpret that as evidence of virtue.

I voted for the fellow, so *I* have full right to condemn his behavior. And I do.

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