What is the destiny of man in God’s creation?

Better to ask what is the destiny, so-called, of creation itself. This universe exists with a fair number of arbitrary constants built into it. Particle physics shows many of them, such as the ratios between the four forces, the relative masses of the proton, electron and neutron, the ratio between mass and energy that determines the speed of light, and so on.

Jiggle one or two by a very tiny amount and stars don’t form, or if they do they don’t fuse hydrogen and helium into new elements.

Or if they do make a table of elements, the properties of the various elements aren’t useful.

But they are useful, to the extent that DNA based life seems to snap together like legos to make things.

THAT is intelligence in design. We live in a universe tailored to the nth degree in such a way that it supports complex life.

Either this is one of an infinite number of parallel universes, each with a very slightly different set of parameters, and this one happens to be the Cinderella case, or a GOD made it (or both – GOD is after all very lavish.) But in any case there was a “LET THERE BE LIGHT” moment for this one, including the invention of time — there was no “before.” Space itself expanded, and for some reason (cosmologists must have an answer to this) the universe didn’t collapse into a massive black hole.

Consider that, if all mass/energy that exists today were to fall back together into a “big crunch” it would almost certainly make a gigantic black hole. Today’s universe is full of black holes. Virtually every galaxy has an enormous black hole at its center.

Given that this universe has an unexplainable beginning and is perfect for the existence of complex life, it appears reasonable that the creator would have a purpose. Getting from “appears reasonable” to “I believe in my heart with a deep faith” isn’t easy.

The three branches of Abrahamic monotheism provide one answer. Human thought has so far come up with no single idea powerful enough to sweep the rest away. Consider that we operate a three-pound chemical computer, most of which devotes itself to keeping the rest of the body whole and healthy, the ability to suss out the purpose(s) a Creator would have for us is weak. We’d need help.

All three of the Abrahamic faiths begin with a Deed of Title, the creation account in Genesis. Personally, the notion that the Creator would commit science to the keeping of a first set of humans is utterly unsupportable. Genesis 1 looks a lot like a tribal litany, a religious statement of GOD creating MAN. Genesis 2 tells the story differently, by the way.

That same Scripture tells us, among many other ways of relating to GOD, that we should look to the heavens to see the glory of His works. In the past century or so we’ve managed to do that, first realizing that our star is a bit player in a vast galaxy, then realizing that our galaxy is a bit player in a vast universe containing so many galaxies it would take ten or eleven decimal digits just to number them all, and that each galaxy’s population of stars would take another ten or more digits to number. We can hear the “echo” of the Big Bang; it’s a three degree Kelvin whisper of background radiation.

That background radiation is easy to characterize as “the still small voice” of GOD that turns up in I Kings 19:12b. The indescribable beauty of the pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope tell us that GOD is vastly more, that Creation is vastly more, than what Genesis hints at.

Only two conclusions seem, to this limited mind, to deserve consideration. First, the universe spoke itself into being, so GOD is a non-concept and human morality has to be made up as we go along. Or second, GOD did create everything, and what we have learned through His communications with mankind is real.

I’m going with the second one.

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