Why do evolutionists & creationists see their ideas as mutually exclusive? Is the universe like scratch baking? God gave us the ingredients; Darwin showed how they became a cake. Or else; if matter & energy can’t be created; how are we all here?

They have named-and-framed the debate. Doing so, they have dared anyone to argue back, and then slam those poor logic-deluded, fact-ensorcelled fools with some name that makes them Anathema. Us or Them, God-fearing or Heathen.

And all of this comes by way of their insistence that the words GOD used to reveal Himself to a bronze age semitic tribe, should work same-same today.

Yet this same GOD (I choose to cap all three letters) tells us to look into the heavens to see His wonders and glories. What do we find there? A 13.78 billion year old echo of the Big Bang in the form of a universal background radiation of about 3 degrees Kelvin energy, and so many galaxies that just numbering all the stars they contain requires twenty-three or twenty-four digits! GOD’s echo is faint, just 3 degrees Kelvin, but what is that if not the “still small voice” Elijah heard at the mouth of the cave after earthquake, fire and wind passed by? (* Footnote: Simon and Garfunkle’s libretto in the movie Mrs. Robinson, “listen to the sound of silence” is a perfect echo of that passage in I Kings 19:11 – not “still small voice” but “silence” I Kings 19:12b *)

A massive, fabulous working definition of sophistry is there for the viewing in all of the verbiage adduced to claim either a young earth or, barring that, so-called Intelligent Design wherein GOD intervenes at regular intervals to flush out the species that have run their course and pile in some new ones to replace the ones that have gone extinct.

All comedy is tragedy with a painted smile – see all the paint, my friends.

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