Is science a conspiracy?

Science is just too big and robust to be a “conspiracy.” It’s what we call a consensus.

Science is peer-reviewed with one “god” if you will, the god of data. Fudge the data and your sins will find you out. That’s very harsh, if you are that sinner, but also very fair.

Trying to misconstrue science as a faith system or conspiracy is a fool’s mission. I am sad to realize that so many otherwise kind, rational, intelligent people take on this particular “mission: impossible.”

That includes, by the way, folks who disbelieve climate science. It’s science, friends. Once upon a time a laymen with no credentials to make a “non-fiction” movie about the climate tried, but his effort was about as under informed as the folks who reacted against it. Al Gore, you put your foot in it, crying “MEGA PACK OF WOLVES!” when the truth is “Wolf!!”

But GOD has it all understood well in advance. I trust in Him, and whatever avalanche of sea level rise and weather extremes, He loves His children. He also lets them make mud pies–including killing all the ocean reefs and, eventually, losing a lot of very valuable ocean frontage.

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