What is a one sentence statement that both proves evolutionism and disproves creationism?

There isn’t any I can think of. BUT:

Most creationists (not all) look at Genesis and see GOD speaking. They believe He means every single word. They believe that GOD doesn’t speak in images, only in digital data, facts. They also believe that GOD does not lie.

Today we “look into the heavens to see GOD’s handiworks and wonders.” As of the twentieth Century we have seen those wonders. The Hubble telescope returns pictures that are both beautiful and beyond simple explanation. They show how impossible it is to believe that GOD created the universe six thousand years ago.

They also make it impossible to believe that GOD created planet earth before He said, as of Genesis chapter one verse three, “Let there be light.”

We know for a fact that GOD said, “Let there be light,” the Word proceeded to make all things that have been made. GOD works “in the fulness of time.” We look out upon His handiwork and realize that this, too, is GOD speaking to us. He does not lie. He really dedicated almost fourteen billion years to let this universe unfold. It contains so many stars we need a twenty-four digit number to count them.

GOD is not mocked; forcing oneself to take an understanding of GOD’s word that is both literal and appropriate is a contradiction in terms—which mocks GOD.

Now if only creationists will bite down hard and realize that, yes indeed, they are offering GOD mockery when they insist He’s that young. Do they accuse GOD of manufacturing a world that shouts lies from every layer of rock?

At Palm Sunday Jesus says, “If these people did not cry out my praise, the very rocks themselves would do it.” Every layer of rock shouts GOD’ praise by showing us a Creation that beggars description. The earth itself builds a very very complex picture of how it formed. It shows the incalculably precise kind of planning that resulted in the planet we inhabit and the constellations we see. And it shows the way those constellations guided the magi to Jerusalem to see the newborn Jesus.

All these things are knowable. Science is to Scripture what a lectern is to the Bible. It upholds the Bible – all we have to do is open our eyes and read all of GOD’s words.

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