What are some recent studies that have shaken the understanding of human evolution?

The answer is, none.

No scientist from the fields of biology, paleontology, geology, biochemistry, and so forth—in short, no scientist for whom the validity of what is known today about evolution impinges on his/her research in any way—has ever encountered any validated, peer-reviewed, accredited study which fails to undergird or expand upon the understanding of how evolution has operated and how it has produced the evidence we find in living flora/fauna and/or in the remains preserved in the earth.

If “peer-reviewed” raises the suspicion that somehow scientists are in league to support something untrue, reflect on this. Science has exactly one “god,” the god of data. Fudge, misconstrue, or misunderstand your data, and the consequence will be that YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT. That’s as close to Christian teaching as you will get. 🙂

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