Why do most contemporary intellectuals tend to be on the left, in terms of political spectrum?

They don’t – but the ones who show up are much more prone to opine than to operate.

My take. But it’s a huge question because the Academic Left

Here is a quote from a quota post which mentioned a TED talk that, I believe, is eye-opening:

The post which included the above link quoted from a comment by “brilliant Quoran and academic Frederick Dolan (who) illustrated the point very, very well.”

Part of the background to this is the consolidation, beginning in the 90s, of what John Diggins in The Rise and Fall of the America Left calls the “academic left.” These academics regard the purpose of their discipline’s scholarship and teaching as that of undermining the legitimacy and authority of traditional Western beliefs and values and advancing the cause of women, minorities, non-traditional gender identities, etc. They reject traditional scholarly values, regard knowledge as a form of power in disguise, and see culture as a conduit of ideology rather than a form of knowledge.

I observed this at close range at the California College of the Arts, where I went to be associate dean of graduate studies upon retiring at Berkeley. With a few honorable exceptions, the humanities faculty and administration there view teaching as the practice of instilling what they regard as correct beliefs and values in their students, as opposed to reading and thinking critically. Critical thinking – in the jargon, “criticality” – is now functionally defined as “attacking the institutions and values of American and Western society.” That this is the faculty’s role isn’t even controversial; it’s taken for granted and no other perspective is acknowledged (bolding mine)

So it’s not simply that there’s an imbalance in the political views of professors. It’s far worse than that: the very meaning of scholarship and teaching has been redefined as a kind of ideological practice. In my opinion this has created a crisis in the humanities, but it’s a crisis that is invisible inside the humanities because the authors of the crisis, ironically, perceive it as an achievement.

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