How do I know for sure that I am serving God in the right way as a Christian?

Listen to the “still small voice” in your heart. In reality it’s a sense of peace, not words or a voice. Here’s how you get there.

Read verses 8, 9, and 10 from the second chapter of Ephesians. Verse ten promises that there are things for you to do. It provides no slightest clue about what they are – just the promise of their being placed in you life.

Knowing that GOD has plans for you, it’s a good first step to realize that with seven billion people, there’s no need for seven billion powerful preachers. Rather, there are humpty-dumpty billion interpersonal encounters every day, some of which involve you. Masons, master plumbers, MBA’s, mechanics, millwrights, mothers, and a multitude of other jobs are essential for everyone to live in a well functioning environment – so do your job.

Do it conscientiously, without complaint.

Pray daily, and ask for GOD to forgive what you’ve messed up. We all mess up, and it’s important to reach the point where you come to prayer “with a broken and contrite heart” – not that you messed up the quarterly report or took too long to fix a leak, but that like every other human your ability to love your fellow human has holes in it.

You’ll seldom have a precognition; you’ll frequently see a need and respond to it. The best examples are where you develop a friendship and, once the bond is solid, share understandings about life and fate. One you’ve heard out your friend, THEN you can anticipate getting a question in return; that’s your opportunity to witness your own faith.

Later on people will remind you of critical, supportive, blessing-level things you’ve done that you have forgotten about, and at the time thought of as trivial. Those represent times when you walked in the steps GOD placed in your path, from before you were born.

Hope this helps.

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