If a modern human considers the Bible a true story, then why does he need all the divinity and magic around? Why is God simply not just an intelligent super-developed entity which interacts with the Earth?

Define your super-developed entity, but in a context which doesn’t involve said entity speaking the universe into being.

GOD in the Judeo-Christian bible did just that, but 13.78 billion years ago not 6,000. From that beginning, allow GOD credit for having invented particle physics and tuned its numerous arbitrary constants such that there could be a table of elements which could form DNA so easily that it powered evolution. I’m told that jiggering any of the arbitrary constants of physics, by a minute amount, would have such an effect that for instance stars couldn’t form, or if the did they wouldn’t supernova to create the first handful of elements, or if they did the neutron stars couldn’t form – colliding neutron stars are the current explanation for the existence of the bigger-nucleous elements – or if THAT happened, the table of elements wouldn’t work well enough for DNA to encode proteins etc.

Given that a GOD capable of creating the universe is going to be able to tweak a few atoms here and there to e.g. feed thousands of people, walk on water, resurrect Lazarus and Jesus from the dead, turn water into wine – these are all parlor tricks from GOD’s point of view.

No, there real reason we exist at all is that GOD is, among thousands of things we might imagine and the odd million or two that we can’t, the personification of love. Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for a friend – or a GOD who confined HIMself into the human life we know as Jesus, to lay down HIS (human) life for all mankind.

The afterlife Christ promised is one of perfection, and love. Love that passes all human understanding.

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