The Bible says that God creates us “for his pleasure.” What does the mean?

GOD is love, to a degree a created human cannot comprehend. Consider the intensity of a GOD capable of speaking the universe into existence; consider the degree of, well, intelligence to invent particle physics such that stars would form, planets coalesce, higher elements in the Table form (the top of the table only seems to form when neutron stars collide – we’re more than star dust, we’re neutron star dust) – and then for that table of elements to support carbon-based life to the degree it does.

Then to wait almost 13 billion of our years for the sliver of a moment, the hundred-thousand-year window (one part in 130,000) for homo sapiens to reach fruition against carefully placed environmental challenges.

THEN to place astronomical events – constellations and planetary conjunctions, etc. – such that scholars remaining in Babylon, five hundred years after Cyrus set the Jews free to rebuild Jerusalem, could decipher prophecies to the point that they set out to find the Messiah, about the time HE was to be born. That story is very well covered in The Star of Bethlehem, a 60 minute DVD available on the web.

Love? Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend. GOD showed that on a divine scale when Jesus, the Word (who made all things that were made, e.g. two hundred sextillion stars) allowed HIMself to suffer human death on the cross, to atone for our sin.

GOD is love; I don’t gainsay HIM anything, don’t quibble timing (billions of years) or technique (evolution) with HIM – his handiwork is written in the heavens, which speak to us just how long HE has waited for us to appear. Those who in this life ask for forgiveness have their impurity erased or washed away, to enter into the utter holiness and utter love of GOD once their time here is complete.

And Scripture tells us that GOD loves to hear our prayers.

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