Give the three key factors of the modern synthetic theory of evolution for very short Answer?

Fact one: there is no “theory” of evolution, but there is massive evidence that it has been happening, starting at least 3.6 billion years ago.


Fact two: the fellow who had the nerve to state in public that new species rise up on a continuing basis was Charles Darwin. In his day it may have been called a “theory” but, in today’s dictionary, the correct term is conjecture. References to “Darwinian evolution” miss the point completely. There is the fellow who first put the idea on public view, and there is the current sun-bright understanding of its history and the life-mechanisms, e.g. ever-changing DNA, that enable it.

Fact three: “synthetic” evolution imagines a future in which computer-aided researchers learn enough to the intricacies and hidden gotcha’s of DNA to begin writing their own species from scratch. DATAPOINT: the human genome contains more that 6 billion nucleotides, hence more than 2 billion codons. (A codon is a triplet of the letters A, C, G, and T, which provide 64 possible combinations.)

Skipping the math, the human genome compares directly, in terms of information content, with two thousand beach-read novels, each with somewhere in excess of 150,000 words. TWO THOUSAND! In other words humans must use enough computer power to write a couple of thousand beach-read novels. Trust me, the actual beach-read novels are a far simpler endeavor.

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