Why would a good God create species that seems to be designed to hunt and kill? Why would he create animals that needs to kill others to survive? How is this part of some plan?

Instead, GOD invented a universe in which life was possible. Getting life to kick-start is a huge discussion, but by making the universe this vast, He improved the odds (if you will) that life might actually spontaneously form. And once formed, the way He fine-tuned the Table of Elements resulted in the bits (lipids, amino acids, etc.) which appear to behave like “smart LEGOs.” They leap together.

From one cell to multiple cells and so forth, the need to metabolize something went where evolution provided the means. Evolution is blind and “uncaring” in that when something achieves breeding success (including metabolic success) its progeny multiply.

Vegetarians prey on plants. Plants “prey on” the decay products of any formerly living thing. Molds, yeasts, etc. etc. – “red in tooth and claw” as the saying goes. The hidden perfection of predators is that they prey on the ill, the malformed, the ones which fail to thrive, and at end assist the prey species by keeping the less-able from breeding.

That looks pretty cruel, but like beauty, cruelty is in the eye of the beholder. As sinful creatures, we understand that living in a world which makes every single living thing succeed through predation shows us the fallen nature of mankind. We sin because we, too, are predators. We prey on other nations, other tribes, and each other.

This is the only bliss the godless will ever experience, and the only agony that god-believers will ever endure. Christ endured the climax of agony on the cross in our place. Without agony, there would be no sin. But without sin, there would be no salvation. Precisely because GOD is love He created a universe which would evolve mankind, wherein His perfect love would flourish.

Writing this I sense that people who find belief in GOD offensive will find many places to attack. So be it; GOD made a world that was, if you will, organic not mechanical. Organic also means predation. Self-sacrifice on the Cross was GOD’s way, through the Word his Son, to endure the ultimate pain in our place, and thus have purified souls enter into His permanent love.

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