Who were more intelligent, those who once worshiped a multitude of gods, because they knew that everything has a cause, or modern evolutionists, for whom everything happens without cause or reason?

False premise. Evolution simply *is* and the cause or reason for it lies in GOD’s intelligent design of the universe.

13.8 billion years ago GOD said, “Let there be light,” and the Word He spoke (we saw him briefly here on earth as Jesus) proceeded to “make everything that was made, both visible (ten to the 24th power of stars) and invisible (dark matter and dark energy, anyone?)

Not many people realize that the Universe’s blueprints (a.k.a. particle physics) contain a couple of dozen, at least, arbitrary constants. The relative strengths of the strong and weak atomic-level forces, – – I’m not a physicist and don’t even play one on TV, but am aware that the number of different unexplained constants are so finicky that, when you jiggle one a tiny bit and run the model to see what kinds of stars form, They Don’t. Or if they do, they don’t cook hydrogen and helium into the heavier elements.

And so on. Looking into deep space we find matter, mostly those first level gases hydrogen and helium. We also find rudimentary organic compounds. The table of elements is so marvelously set up that the various nucleotides, lipids, etc. that are required for DNA based life are very abundant in the early chemical stew that you find when a rocky planet with lots of water is sorting itself out. Once the surface cools to below the boiling point of water, think of LEGOs then realize that they leap together in DNA-like ways – – just like they were “smart LEGOs.”

GOD set it up so that, even though the complexity of that first cell is enormous beyond our ability to characterize other than “bazillions to one,” the number of stars, hence the number of planets that form around them, and the size of any old earth-like planet, and the hundreds of millions of years stretching out before it, even bazillions surrender. GOD set the Universe up so that life would happen.

The bronze age condensed version of Creation got a few things right, such as Genesis 1 v. 3 (quoted above about let there be light.)

Bottom line, the cause and reason are built into the way things work. Does water flow uphill? NO – downhill. Is that cause or reason? It’s common sense, at least. Does evolution produce less-and-less abled creatures? NO because the ones that are less-abled don’t reproduce. Do better-and-better abled creatures appear? Of course they do. Is that cause or reason?

Not by themselves. But when there is a GOD who set things up with such mind-bending subtlety that His universe fosters life, well, you figure out what that implies about cause.

Modern evolutionists try to avoid the unprovable and unfalsifiable, hence the idea of an underlying Prime Mover and Reason don’t appear in their writings. But sure as shooting, the folks who argue against evolution wind up choosing a sock-puppet version of Creation over the real thing.

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