What can’t we know about God?

Humans at times experience a sense of love too deep to describe, coming down around them, and wrapping them in “the peace that passes all understanding.” Not all of these, by the way, have been Christians.

GOD caused the universe, is the prime mover of existence. “Intelligent Design” created a universe tailored to too many degrees of precision to count, such that stars form, and stars “cook” up elements through atomic number 26 (iron). Either super-mega-novas or the collisions of neutron stars are responsible for, i.e. produce sufficient energies, to form the rest of the table of elements.

We inhabit a universe of such delicate sophistication yet also such enormous energies and masses. And the table of elements seems pre-set to form the basic amino acids needed for life, and *they* in turn seem to leap together like smart LEGOs.

But when we insist that either GOD’s love should banish all hurts and unhappinesses, that if it were to exist then its Universe would be one in which evil is impossible, it becomes apparent that we don’t have the first tiny clue about what it is that is both LOVE and Justice, both mercy and punishment.

What *can* we know about GOD?

But I can’t wait to enter an eternal life of awed praise.

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