Who are the people willing to martyr themselves for Donald Trump?

Take a look at Michael Cohen, his “fixer” who paid off Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal years after their affair, and paid off Stormy Daniels after a one-hour (not one-night) stand with her? Cohen made it into Trump’s inner group by swearing loyalty to Trump. James Comey ran the FBI and heard Trump demand personaly loyalty to him not the office. Comey didn’t bite, and wound up scapegoated.

Answer – the oriental potentate variety of “strong man personality” manages to find suckers who have a real weakness for that sort of thing. The potentate has a “gift of gab” that can spin straw lies into gold persuasion.

A personal friend, respected psychologist and family counselor, is afraid that Trump is so deep into his narcissism and sociopathy that he’ll bring the whole country down with him if brought to trial in the Senate, once the House impeaches him. The impeachment is looking stronger with each new day of testimony before three House committees.

Astonishing, truly, that a sizable contingent of Republican lawmakers tried to bum-rush the closed hearing before it took testimony from a former Ambassador to Ukraine. Three hours elapsed before the acting-like-hooligan Trump acolytes left, and the hearing at last took place. They actually tried to ride roughshod over the rules of their own House! Just because the Strong Man Trumped up a phony reason for them to do that.

I think we need to read up on Oriental Potentates and the corner cases of narcissistic sociopathy; we may get insights in how to sail the ship of state past these rocky waters.

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