What is the Earth’s early history and evolution using relevant theory?

THEORY my foot.

Theory is the way a scientist runs a victory lap when his or her Conjecture has run the gauntlet of all conceivable tests and been shown true (as vs. false) every single time. Theories, therefore, are falsifiable.

Since evolution falls well outside the range of repeatability, reduction to formula, etc. it is merely DATA. Data accumulates to KNOWLEDGE.

No other explanation for the massive, overwhelming data coming from all areas of the globe and all applicable realms of science dares raise its head, at least not in circles accurately described as “science.”

Efforts to define it out of existence, e.g. “Evolution can’t be falsified therefor it can’t be accepted as true” are childish sophistries.

Evolution is to earth’s early history as cake decorating and cheese making are to industrial mechanical / engineering and design of an industrial kitchen. Cakes and cheeses happen in bakeries and cheese dairies, full stop.

The existence of evolved life on the earth is, to geology, what dust is to to plate tectonics. Perhaps that’s a hyperbolic answer, but by digging around in the crust of the planet we have learned a lot.

Just the crust. And we’ve learned, beyond the wispiest shadow of a doubt, that evolution is the marvelous process GOD’s creation has wrought here, and by that “invisible hand” (refer to Thomas Malthus – same general notion) the human race has appeared, as GOD wished it to.

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