If CRISPR-cas9 can find and pin point replace any genetic sequence couldn’t it be used to fix all genetic errors and thus cure all cancer and slow down aging dramatically?

Love the thought, but some perspective is in order. The human genome has roughly the same information density as a thousand novels, each of 150 thousand words. Scattered around that library of plot lines there are (hard numbers don’t exist yet) between 20 and 30 thousand protein-encoding genes.

That’s 20 to 30 genes per novel, and genes are way way shorter than the information equivalent of 5,000 words (150 thousand divided by 30).

And CRISPER goes after them one at a time.

Not only that, but many genes have multiple roles. Genes adjust and serve multiple non-interacting usages. They get to the point in some awkward, haphazard ways, which is what you might anticipate after half a billion years of trial-and-error with only “it works!” as your guide.

Love the thought, but that level of control is still far far into the future.

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