What part of the Bible says the Earth is 6,000 years old?

The power of Genesis lies in the way GOD inbreathes His love, mercy, promise, forgiveness, and patience throughout. This is the Great Factor which separates it from the countless other Origin Stories. All of the Origin Stories mankind has come up with attempt to set a foundational belief that explains this vast and mysterious world. Genesis does that, but along with every other Origin Story, it’s version of events arose in an era which had no science.

Today we know that, when GOD asks us in the Pslams to lift our eyes to the heavens to really perceive His glory, He was speaking to (among others) the inventors of the Hubble Space Telescope. What does GOD tell us when we look there? That He has taken, not 6 thousand years, but 3.2 million times that long.

No, the Bible says NOTHING about how old the earth is. The same word for “day” in ancient Hebrew also means “time” or “period.” Even with this loose interpretation, Genesis places the earth and sky into a void, then adds lights in the sky in the middle of “creation week.”

The Bible’s Genesis Chapter One is, in fact, liturgical. It’s hagiographic, rhythmic, worshipful. It’s liturgy. Denying the evidence GOD has provided the 20th Century regarding what REALLY happened when He said, “Let there be light?” Denying the evidence that GOD has provided the 20th Century regarding what the Word made, including all things that were made both seen (10 to the 24th power of stars) and unseen (dark matter and dark energy)??

We come unto Jesus our lord and savior as children, begging for fogiveness with simple, broken, penitent hearts. We come unto the world, which has all the data it needs to understand the real majesty and glory of Creation, and dare not mock the vast GOD who made it.

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