I and my friend were arguing. What causes obesity genes to activate?

Not an expert answer, but a well-read person sharing some things.

“EPI”genetics (epigenetics) appears to be a sort of wrapper or “notes to the user” that accompanies the genes in the cell nucleus. It can be programmed during gestation, for instance if the mother is on a calorie-reduced diet (tons of reasons, but the genes can’t read) the child’s calorie-accumulating genes are switched from normal to overdrive. This effect takes up to four successive generations to get back to normal.

And of course there are “appestat” genes, which are like a thermostat but for appetite. Some people just can’t get fat (but when you see them eat you understand why) – because they just don’t get very hungry, and eating past hunger is almost as hard as pushing the plate away when your hunger is still set to, what was the term? YES – overdrive.

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