Would it be a sin to eat junk food even if you exercise and burn the calories off? Or is it still unhealthy and sinful?

Are we together so far? In case we’re on the same page, let’s keep going: so-called junk food is full of salt, fats, and sugar—all of those are important to health, but only in reasonable amounts, and junk food gets that name because it’s just not reasonable. You need a wide variety of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals—the “Mediterranean” diet does a good job of providing that.

Now you claim to burn calories off – then yes of course consume more calories. But here’s the rub. “Processed” food comes with many added ingredients which “retard spoilage” – – which also means they are inimical to many biological processes. The ratio of processed foods in a person’s diet when compared to raw or home-cooked food correlates well with dying before you should.

Junk? Make your own at home with popcorn, honey, nuts, yada yada. But if it comes in plastic with a long list of ingredients in a tiny font? Turns out there is an inverse relationship between sin and font size.


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