To those who believe in a personal God, why are our lives meaningful or of value to God?

Ask folks who’ve had the near-death experience. A friend once related her first-hand (so I’m second-hand) experience. One morning while in college she just asked GOD to end it for her, she was too broken to continue on her own. A sense of peace and love that deserved to be written in gold foil on transparent aluminum a thousand feet high – my sense of how to express the intensity of that feeling – left her with a renewed ability to proceed as who she was and who she had been made to be.

GOD is beyond human comprehension, and GOD is love. Having made every human being from first to last, including Mother Teresa and Pol Pot, His love is effectively infinite and covers everyone.

Love Him back!

The only way a life could be meaningless is if the universe made itself.

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