What is the difference between faith and blind faith?

BLIND faith is clinging to a belief with some imagined good outcome, but no real connections between the world as it is and the outcome you imagine. So OK that can be said of Christian faith, too – but I’m thinking (and I’ve always voted Republican) of the blind faith of e.g. the Tea Party / Freedom Caucus / Neocons who are sure that waving their ideas at us from the fringe will move the center to agree with them.

That is NOT going to happen.

But Donald Trump hijacked a lot of formerly silent folks with chips on their shoulders against liberals — feeling that liberals put them there. Events demonstrated that liberals took what Trump said seriously but took him with a Yuuuuge grain of salt, while the folks in Red states who love him cared not a whit for his lies and so on, but to this day take his promises very very seriously. When he says “fake news” or “totally exonerated” it’s like Kool-Aid, and they drink it by the gallon.

Forgive the detour into politics, but it seems germane at a time when there are two filters to look at the world, A) your own and B) those other desperately dumb people’s – one filter red, one blue. If you can see that, and don’t use either one, thank GOD in heaven. Assume a position of prayer and ask for patience, since HE’s got this.

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