If macro-evolution is possible, what would compel us to believe it accurately describes what really happened historically? Why would I choose the “tree of life” instead of the “orchard of life” concept of descent with modification?

I hear a question which in the eyes of most is silly; but for the questioner this is a real concern. This troubles you, and I understand that.

This kind of question comes from a place where “evolution from single celled proto-whatsises to dinosaurs to birds and later on fuzzy mammals up to humans” amounts to a contradiction in terms. A majority of the time it is faith that GOD inspired Scripture, trapped in a cocoon of “inspired every single word and they’re all literally true since GOD does not lie.”

Yet in fact Genesis begins with an “origin story” that sits on a level playing field with thousands of other origin stories. All primitive cultures have them, and Abraham’s was no different in being an accepted version of how an immense, imponderable world came to be. GOD did it. The third verse “And GOD said, ‘Let there be light,’” turns out to be a wink and a nudge from GOD, same as the magi found Jesus at age roughly six months, but – get ready for it – on or about 25 December. What a wink-and-a-nudge that is! (* proof provided on request. Real proof.)

Please try not to sweat the small stuff; the O T prophets left massive information to tell us that HE would come and what HE would wind up doing. Abraham’s origin story is blessed and serene (compared to some of the others) in that GOD loves, protects, shields, guides and forgives his stubborn, stiff-necked, sin-soaked children.

SO – we look into the heavens to see GOD’s glory and power – only to realize, once we got real science and telescopes that could show us the universe, that GOD has been at work for over 13 billion years – Job quibbled with GOD, do you want to do the same? HE has made, current best guess, so many stars it takes 24 digits to shape the number.

HE set the stars on motion such that astronomers in Baghdad (or thereabouts) knew the day that the angel announced Mary’s coming birth, and the day roughly 40 weeks later when a chorus of angels appeared to shepherds in the field watching their flocks by night.

SO – do we hesitate to embrace evolution, so evidently random, as stealing credit from GOD as our Creator? He numbers the hairs on our heads and knows every word we will ever speak. Can you imagine that HE wouldn’t also make sure that, when those signs in the sky appeared, there wouldn’t have been homo sapiens that HE had already prepared? Do we quibble technique with an infinite GOD, simply because HIS methods confuse us?

Small stuff – what we can conceptualize in our heads. Big stuff – Creation, Salvation, and a peace that passes understanding. It’s all utterly real.

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