Why do I struggle with simple math problems?

Why? Results. Children who master multiplication become adults who understand arithmetic. Arithmetic is far more than multiplication tables, but the ability to perform long division on paper is a sign that arithmetic’s basic issues are welded into your subconscious, and the crucial welding torch happens to coincide with how simple a long division looks to your child. Those tables, once they are embedded in the developing brain, make it so. (Long division requires repeated multiplications – those tables are a win-win.)

I used to enjoy watching the times-7’s (for example) climb upward by adding one to the tens while taking three away from the ones. To a ten-year-old, it felt profound. Your child should experience that.

One thought on “Why do I struggle with simple math problems?

  1. So – for the next ‘seven’ from 42, you subtract 3 from the 2 in the ones column (assume a circular buffer, so…9) and add one to the value in the tens: 4+1 = 5. Hmmmm. Simple rules, Mrs. Goltz, may not always work?? 🙂

    And this is why we sibs either get math intuitively or don’t.
    Personally, I love the sevenths. … .142857(repeating); .285714(r) … ; .428571 (r) etc.


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