Why can people believe the big bang but not intelligent design?

Let’s find the middle ground. Modern folk believe that science is as close to absolute truth as we can get. A few also admit that “intelligence hidden behind the scenes” as in “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” has a lot of standing among scientists, while the majority appears to view Intelligent Design as a way of remaining loyal to positions which science appears to have made untenable. They do this either by denying science or by hand-waving away the idea of evolution.

Here’s why that happens: to anyone who believes that GOD fashioned man in his own image, the idea that GOD used evolution is a contradiction in terms. It’s an EITHER we evolved OR GOD made us as we are.

That’s where the middle ground comes in. To all my fellow GOD believers, who read HIS word in the Christian Scriptures, I beg you to make a small effort, try to wrap your head around the idea that it might be a BOTH-AND.

Consider – HE knows the hairs on our heads, and every word we’ll ever speak from before we were born. Since the parenting that happened a thousand generations back, and the nine hundred ninety-nine subsequent sets of parents that culminated with my dad and mom, combine into an unbreakable chain, then it’s reasonable to believe that GOD knew/knows all of human speech from the first being HE counted as human, to the last second before the second coming.

Given that HE knows all of this, what degree of difficulty might you assign to HIS knowing the outcome of every single particle physics event over the 13.78 billion years from LET THERE BE LIGHT to now? Do we quibble with GOD over exactly which scale we assign to HIS infinite knowledge?

Do we quibble with the GOD who set up what we have taken to calling particle physics, made it so micro-finely tuned that when the universe first began, the starting cloud of energy (too intense to permit particles to exist for roughly three hundred thousand years) finally cooled to the point were mass could coalesce. Hydrogen, and perhaps helium, formed the first stars. Their climactic ends produced more elements, from the small end. Over the billions of years, generations of succeedlngly more complex stars produced much of the table of elements. Consider that it takes a collision of neutron stars just to construct the upper two-thirds or more of the table of elements.

Do we quibble with a Creator whose micro-fine tuning not only made it possible for elements even to exist, but also for their interactions to support the operation of DNA-based life? I saw a recent report to the effect that life’s basic component chemicals are practically primed to combine in the ways needed for life to work. What we learn in high school chemistry, in comparison to what we are learning about the real-time interactions of atoms in life-chemical events, is about the same as comparing a mouse-house on the lawn made of twigs and leaves to what the world’s premier physicists have created in Switzerland, the CERN particle smasher. It recently gave us a look at the Higgs Boson, ironically called the “god particle.”

Please don’t drop out here – lots of words, deep paragraphs, best I can do to make it clear. GOD has been intimately involved in the whole universe, all two hundred sextillion stars (we think) – that takes twenty-three zeros to write out. GOD has been intimately involved in at least this planet, orbiting this sun, and set the other planets and nearby stars into such precise orbits that Jewish scholars, stranded in Babylon, after watching the skies there for five hundred years, managed to decipher prophecies that GOD had implanted in their Scriptures. They saw the indications that the Christ Child had been planted in Mary’s womb. When her time came to deliver him, more signs in the skies sent them west to Jerusalem. They found Jesus (six months old at the time, ask me why because it’s a shocking revelation of how GOD can mock us with a beaming smile) –

Who wants to quibble over the superficial appearances of evolution, which looks like pure chance? When we consider the awesome, infinite ability of GOD, what we really see is patience, and care. And we see it on a scale that took modern science to reveal.

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