Is it not truth that most of Judeo-Christian monotheism denies Allah, Who sent Christ?


A few christians realize that the term “Allah” was originally the name of a sixth-seventh Century pagan Arab moon goddess. It was appropriated at about the mid-point of the recitals which were gathered into the Muslim Scripture, as the name of Almighty GOD. Muslims go so far as to allege that this exact name was in use during Abraham’s time.

Christians know that GOD created the universe, not just planet earth or the local solar system. Jews and Christians know that GOD’s name was – is – basically “I AM” – such that when Jesus used that term to refer to himself, “Verily verily I tell you, before Abraham was, I AM,” the Jewish high priesthood considered that blasphemy, because He had just declared Himself divine.

Noting here, Muslims demote him to “next-to-last prophet.”

Yes GOD did send Christ, but calling GOD “Allah” offends  Christians.

Ah, monotheism: to suppose that GOD, who invented particle physics and spoke the universe into being (Genesis 1:3, “And GOD said, ‘Let there be light.’”) cannot have a second aspect as WORD – John 1:3 “All things that were made were made by the Word.” The Gospel of John in the prior two verses identifies the WORD as both divine and having taken on a human existence as Jesus. To someone with an axe to grind, it may be useful to wave away the idea of the trinity – to dismiss it without discussion as a violation of the idea that GOD is one.

To which one can offer the example of a group of earthworms considering a heel and five toes pressed into the earth. One  worm says they’re all aspects of one SUPREME BEING and gets laughed at. For the purpose of this illustration, folks who dismiss the idea of a single GOD as incapable of also being triune is someone I’d liken to a too-simplistic earthworm. Sorry for the dis, but it seems like a useful comparison.

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