What would you say if Jesus came to your home and told you that homosexuality is a sin?

I would ask Him why He hadn’t said so during His time here on earth. Why wasn’t that as important to Him, then, as it is to some very uptight people today? I can think of three, count them three, relevant passages. Maybe four, if Paul said something twice. Paul was adamant, but also confessed at least once that what he had to say didn’t come from GOD. So that puts a dent in something he said that Jesus didn’t.

The other two are in the Old Testament. When Abraham visited nephew Lot one night in Sodom, all of Lot’s neighbors wanted (Abraham? some male figure) to come out where he could be ritually humiliated via anal rape. The sin in that case wan’t the sex, it was the forcible humiliation of a visiting stranger. That was a very serious offense in that day and age.

The other is among a list of killing offenses. Included in the list are cross-dressing and mixing fibers when weaving cloth. Today we celebrate blending wool / cotton / polyester / lycra / nylon – – – death, anyone?

The furor over homosexuality, as though it is a flip-the-coin choice in the first place, which it absolutely isn’t, is a huge impediment to Christians winning souls away from loss and toward the eternal Grace Christ gives to those who ask. That being the case, I’d ask Jesus whether he thought it was April first. But only after getting on my knees and showing Him a broken and contrite heart.

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