How can I stick to the 5 prayers and never stop praying? I feel like God isn’t happy with me.

I find a clue (for me) in “the 5 prayers.” Are you, by chance, Muslim? That’s the only faith I know which has a ‘five’ associated with prayers: Muslims are commanded to pray five times a day; Muslim cities have minarets from which the call is sung. If I recall correctly, the prayers must be recited verbatim, without personal requests.

Even if that is not the case, GOD created the world out of love. And us, the tiny chemical beings who crowd this single planet, circling one of roughly two hundred sextillion stars in the universe. GOD spoke it into being a long time ago and told us to look into the heavens to see HIS signs and wonders; but HE never said, “Don’t look too close!”

In the past 150 years or so we have become able to look very very close, so close that we can form an educated guess about how many stars the observable universe holds, and the point at which GOD invented time, which was 13.78 billion years ago.

We also know that GOD cares about us. The gulf between GOD, Who spoke the universe into being so long ago we can’t hold the idea in our minds, and WHO made the universe so large that we can’t hold that idea in our minds, either, could only care one fig about us IF HE loved us. We are less than single celled protozoa in the face of GOD, yet HE tells us that HE created us. That can only mean love.

GOD knows that his children here on earth are a sorry lot. Think of every single human being there ever has been as so ordinary that his primary aid to the environment is (I’m being humorous here) to convert food into fertilizer to grow more food.

The most righteous ordinary man or woman there ever has been is, if held next to GOD’s purity and holiness, what we politely call a hot mess. Are you? OF COURSE, and so am I. GOD is beyond our ability to guess at, so whether or not you suspect that GOD isn’t happy with you, HE is.

Unless you perform some act which rejects HIM; then you might suspect that HE isn’t happy, perhaps in an unchangeable way. So, don’t reject HIM, and HE won’t reject you.

And that’s a fact.

(PS Sometime’s a person’s mood falls into a hole; words won’t pull that person out, but professionals exist who treat what is called ‘depression.’ No matter what, trust that GOD loves you, cherishes you, because you are unique. How often do you think GOD would discard something HE made that is unique?)

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