How long do you think it’ll be before the Abrahamic religions are recognized as mythologies?

The real question appears to be, when and how will conservative Christians understand that every primitive tribal culture has its unique Origin Story – and Abraham’s is found all over the Pentateuch. To say in defiance, “Our Origin Story is ROCK,” is to belittle GOD.

We are told to look into the heavens to see His signs and wonders, but we did not get the memo saying “Don’t look too close.” In the past century or so we have been able to look very very close. We see GOD’s wonders not in a six thousand year old world but in one that is over two million times that age.

Current astronomy (I’m told) estimates that the observable universe contains two hundred sextillion stars – that’s a 2 followed by twenty-three 0’s. In the beginning GOD said, “Let there be light.” – the third verse of Genesis. This is the first hint that GOD perfuses Abraham’s origin story.

The Jewish Scripture’s moral basis, instruction, depiction of human nature, etc. are half of what convinces me that GOD perfuses that Scripture the way salt perfuses the ocean. The other ‘half’ is the broad scattering of promises and prophecies that foretell the Savior Jesus.

Separating the “origin story events” such as Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Methuselah, and Noah, also the Flood and the Tower of Bab El, from GOD’s presence in with and under that text, can be a terrifying leap for someone whose faith rests on the ROCK mentioned above. In my own mind I do not find fault with anyone for whom that is a show-stopper.

A very early Church Father said, “In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials charity, and in all things love.” Some count the six thousand year age of earth as essential; I ask them for charity where we differ, and offer my own.

For those whose “essentials” include rejection of Christ as divine savior, I invite them to view the DVD “Star of Bethlehem.” It does a superb job of connecting modern astronomy with Old Testament prophecy. Suspend just enough disbelief to watch and listen with an open mind. I had to view it a third time before I felt confident that I had the whole picture.

The picture it paints is awesome. It does so using a 21st Century program that shows what’s in the skies 24×7 and goes well before the time of Christ. For me it is the ‘Rosetta stone’ that bridges billions of years and trillions of galaxies with the WORD come down to earth to endure the human life an death we know as Jesus, and Jesus’ resurrection.

The DVD connects every dot.

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