There is a great contradiction between our evolution and the God story. How can I perceive this contradiction?

Every ethnic group that has ever arisen, including the Sumerians, possesses an origin story. They’re all also different. A millennium after Sumer, Abraham’s tribe gave us its own, which we find in Genesis.

No one has explained why an origin story from three millennia ago requires us to accept it as a literal history, in order for us to presume that GOD is involved and speaks to us through it. It differs from the earlier Sumerian story in that GOD is patient, loving, makes covenants, and forgives us when we err.

The pentateuch and the Kings / Chronicles accounts exhibit a pattern of GOD’s interaction among HIS chosen people and their neighbors in terms that, let us be delicate, violate the Geneva Conventions. They also exhibit the same kind of relationships that one ethnic group exhibited toward all its neighbors; we are made in GOD’s image but our earliest writings cast him in ours.

Evolution is a ‘theory’ when speaking to a scientist. Among us lay folk it’s just history, and fascinating, and inescapable. Folk who dispute the idea that evolution is more than a satanic nightmare prove their points with illogic, highly selective use of data that confuses analogy with proof, and posit comparisons that for instance match a college life sciences lab against millions of cubic miles of ocean over half a billion years, and conclude that if you can’t do it in the lab, it can’t happen in the wild.

One sheds tears, that the need to accept the origin story which GOD insinuated HIMself into was etched in the book of life, so to speak. GOD insinuated his love, ownership, intention, patience, forgiveness, and promise of Christ into that origin story – in a wonderful fore-imaging of the way the WORD insinuated HIMself into a human life, the life we know as Jesus.

Evolution, and a 13.78 billion year old universe, and the vast uncountable galaxies we can detect (one qualified guess – two hundred sextillion stars, or 2 followed by twenty-three 0’s) are all the evidence we could ask for that GOD is so far beyond our knowing that we cannot pin HIM down to any particular way of revealing HIMself to us, most especially in a particular origin story floating in a sea of origin stories, simply because it’s the one that belonged to Abraham.

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