Acrostic sonnet, Cute Honey Bunny

CUTE HONEY BUNNY, for my beloved on her 77th b’day

Can any gal of dicing years stay so    “7 come 11”
Unsanded by the decades’ rasp? Has love’s
Thesaurus words to capture that? And glow! –
Each glance you send me seems like velvet gloves.
How cute you look, when morning lights the room.
One glance at you, unwashed and painted not,
Necessitates a second; and you bloom,
Each morning like the first. Your smile is hot!
Yet look again, while soap and paint apply;
Before you were my earth, you’re now like fire.
Unleash the fleet of Helen! Beautify
No more that regal face, lest I expire!
No doubt about it, Hon, you fill my life,
Yet always I want more, beloved wife.

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