Would God punish the karmics for creating obstacles that prevent union? Are they not going against what he wants?

While I don’t understand what “karmics” are – presumably a class of people? I can relate karma to Jesus.

We are born as id-driven and sense-driven (but astonishingly cute) creatures whose primary products are pee, poo, and the occasional smile. (Did I mention cute?)

There are definable stages in “improving” who we are – the terrible two’s is a good one. That’s where we first realize, kind of an existential “Oh CRAP!” moment, that other wills exist. The active, complicated world around is NOT wholly manipulable. Our response is to define the edges of the envelope, and push outward on them. Our tool is the word, “No.” Example: “Johnny, do you want this cookie?” – “NO!” followed by a grab at the cookie.

We learn to realize that others feel pain around age 4, and learn that death is permanent around age 6. All the while we learn to navigate the social landscape, armed with all sorts of new formative information, and the end result is that we are capable of (at least momentary) altruism and kindness. But we never get to “perfect.” Closer, and closer, and – – never actually really close.

God created us out of love – and just as God is unguessably (fill in the blank), God is also unguessably loving. He loves us, warts and all. But once we finish this little handful of decades we call a lifetime, there is the matter of alllllll of that accumulated not-perfect behavior. References available on request, but this isn’t a Bible Study.

Instead, for having created souls with no way to live in perfection with a perfect Love, God the Son assumed a life in a human body, as Jesus, and took on himself the entire gazillion gigatons of bad karma from all of the humans of this world, and suffered that cost. In effect, he ATE our bad karma. When we realize what this means, we come to him “with a broken and contrite heart” and ask forgiveness. Those of us who do this reach perfection, about when the heart stops beating and the brain turns to moosh. Love that technical term, moosh.

That, in a nutshell, is karmic. Jesus is the ultimate, and the only, karmic.

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