Why is “free verse” considered poetry, since it doesn’t rely on rhyme or meter?

Times change. In today’s higher literary circles, poetry “should not limit itself” by adopting either rhyme or meter since both limit the range of what a poet can utter. The imposition of limits makes the work seem low-brow. Nursery rhymes are a good example; “We’ve passed through that stage, doesn’t one think?”

In a like manner, non-representational art is “art” while representational art, i.e. something easily recognized, where a cat is a cat and a dog is a dog, is “craft” – except in the hands of Andy Warhol, of course.

Tongue in cheek, “Art simply must not confine itself to pedestrian limitations. Thus virtually all rhymed verse is just verse. Exceptions for such as a sonnet by Shakespeare do exist.”

If you want a gorgeous, witty, acrostic sonnet, reply and I’ll trot one out.

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