Intelligent Design for Dummies, Part 2

Part 1 tries to establish that GOD’s Word is perfect and holy. We find, moreover, that GOD’s creation, the Universe, speaks to us continually and without words. It pours forth wordless speech night after night. How, then, should we “listen” to the skies?

And for that matter, how should we “listen” to the astounding riches of this one tiny “third rock from the sun” which Abraham knew as “heavens and earth” in terms of mountains, hills, valleys, plains, streams, lakes, and ocean. The bright, hot sun traverses the sky each day, then hides in a tent at night, made by GOD’s hands to shield it in the vastness of the starry sky.

Today Creation itself tells us that we live on a “thin flaky crust” atop thousands of miles of lava, itself surrounding a fifteen hundred mile sphere of iron. The iron’s internal flux generates a magnetic field that protects the  biosphere, and atmosphere, from the sun’s constant emission of charged particles. The thin places on this crust hold a soupcon of ocean. There are separate, unconnected thicker flakes (continents) which move. Every few hundred million years they collide into one great land mass, then diverge and form new continents that differ from the ones we know today.

GOD revealed Himself to Abraham as a loving parent, a commanding parent, who made the heaven and the earth to have a place for His children, we humans, to live and expand. Being Holy, GOD is beyond all human attempts to reconstruct, understand, or reverse engineer. The trinity? No explanation suffices to illustrate the internal workings of a Triune GOD. We know what GOD has said, and from this infer the Trinity. Period.

The sun does not, however, hide in a tent built by GOD’s hands. It is a star, just like the twinkling tiny lights that populate the night sky.  But it is eleven billion times closer than the closest night time star. It’s a “daytime” star, a million times the volume of this planet. It only appears to go around, because earth rotates. In addition, earth goes around the sun and that path defines our year.

No one can plumb GOD’s thinking here; but He is perfect and Holy. He does not lie, and the Universe that He created does not lie. We know these as perfectly true. Part 3 will address the consequences of these two great truths.

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