Is it true that the white throne judgement, God’s final judgement, occurs right before the new heavens and the new Earth are created?

Did you know that in 1054, 12 years before William the Conqueror came to Britain, there were two popes at the same time, one in the west and one in Constantinople. Guess, if you want to, how to reverse-engineer that split. We do know that it happened, ‘nuf sed.

They formalized the split by excommunicating each other, and the surface details had to do with the order of arrival of the Holy Spirit and the Son, the third and second persons of the Trinity, at the beginning of the Universe.

That, friends, is reverse engineering.

(( NOTE: Foes of the whole idea of the trinity pooh-pooh that idea because it evades human logic and comprehension. Hmmmm – we are talking about GOD, aren’t we? Our doctrine of the Trinity is as close as we need to come when trying to reverse-engineer GOD. We find the ‘what’ useful; the ‘how’ is well above our pay grade. ))

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