What does the Bible say about the rising sea levels we will experience by 2100? Where does this figure into prophecy?

The Bible describes, poorly, the Universe. It uses terms tailor-made to bronze age people. Its real strength is spiritual; we are made in GOD’s image, and saved by Jesus’ death on the cross. We bring a “broken and contrite heart” to the Lord in prayer and confession. When this life on earth ends, our souls go forward to GOD.

All well and good – but the idea that the Bible somehow promises a glimpse at major changes in the earth is impossible to substantiate. The Flood was one thing – and its consequence was somehow handed down as “the fire next time.”

Is global warming that “fire?” I have no idea, and find it very comforting to live to GOD, today. Global warming is unstopplable, along with the uprooting of the odd billion or so souls from all the seal-level areas of the world. Mankind may be able to forestall that via fusion, i.e. generating electricity by fusing hydrogen into helium. It will take that kind of science breakthrough to go yank all the tera-tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

I’m not inclined to worry about the potential; the only real potential is in GOD.

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