Republicans argue that Jesus promoted voluntarily giving away to the poor, rather than taking away and giving to someone else. Are Republicans really more Christian though? It appears to me that they seem to promote a culture of greed.

Since Christians are “to live in the world but not OF the world” the topic of social responsibility is, in Christian hands, a matter of who you encounter in your daily walk. Jesus told the Pharisees to pay their taxes; he didn’t tell them (how to) set policy. As stated in another answer, Jewish culture (like most thriving cultures, one might note) nominally did a good job of caring for the indigent.

Now come two dozen politicians of the Blue stripe; a few on the bluer-than-thou end of the spectrum appear to advocate a policy of take it while it’s there, i.e. tax the rich to improve the lives of the rest. Since politicians don’t do much math, they don’t have a clue what that would do in practice. And “the rich”—i.e. ones with a lot to defend, have Bill Gates and Warren Buffet on one end of the scale and the Trilateralist Commission on the other end. Taken as a whole, those with assets are anxious not to see them disappear.

Bottom line, I recall a contest between two baby sisters, both verbal but not yet in kindergarten. One of them had a new purse, and the other said, “Don’t be selfish, give it to me.”

‘Nuf sed. Administering others’ wealth via plebiscite is not a workable idea.

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