If someone proves abiogenesis and debunks the evolution theory, would that guarantee the top Nobel Prize?

DISPROVING it, as if you can prove a negative, would push people toward a deistic explanation (the other one is pure unadulterated random chance, but disproving abiogenesis means proving that those odds-against are infinite. Good luck with that.)

Once you persuade absolutely everyone that the origin of life has to be deistic, you are still on the whole wrong street to look up anything with regard to evolution. A deistic explanation is fine for me, by the way. I consider GOD saying “Let there be light” a rational idea. But then the echoes of that Creation are pushing fourteen billion years old and the count of stars in the knowable universe seems to require a twenty-four digit number.

What that means is that, if GOD chose to let abiogenesis take place, He made the universe big enough for that to have a decent chance.

Is anybody ready to assert that GOD is going to make simplistic answers a valid road to His company, His embrace?

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