When is religion picking up their responsibility of making such a mess of Earth and the human state in the past 2000 years?

Huh? Did religion dig the Suez and Panama Canals? Did religion mine the earth for all kinds of metals, oil, and petroleum, cut down forests, create Big Agribusiness and Big Pharma, or spew CO2 into the air?

Here’s a point few acknowledge: “religion” is based on texts, confessions, and expectations of right vs wrong behavior. Pick a text, and be sure you’re near a library because there are just so many. I picked mine, the Christian Bible, and my “religion” is Christian.

At the most basic level, religion is a club with a membership, handbook, and rules.

Faith is inside a believer, and defines her/his relationship with GOD. The two overlap a lot but imperfectly.

Once you can define how a thousand clubs with rules destroyed the environment, you may have standing to pass out the onus of reparations.

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