Why did the wall on Southern border only become important when Republicans no longer controlled Congress? For two years they did nothing. Why is it critical now? Did we not have illegal aliens two years ago?

The question is specious. Prior to the Trump presidency a border wall was debated, agreed to, and reached partial implementation. Our most recent President made it into an issue for one reason, and here it is:

Democrats are famous for “feeling your pain” but have managed to ignore or un-feel the “pain” of every Trump voter there is. Trump found places to drive a deep wedge between the Democrats and the folks who elected him.

He pushed much, much too hard to get various elements of his agenda written into law, but dropped the ball w/r/t stronger physical barriers on our southern border. His tom-foolery cost his party the House of Representatives.

Who doesn’t see each of the above points? Who, better yet, fails to ‘get’ the point about the Democrats drawing political lines which have excluded / demonized more and more folks over the past decade or two?

My baby sister adores Trump, and while vocally Christian, loudly demands that the immigrants approaching our borders show the oil in their lamps (one of Jesus’ parables, about the five wise and five foolish maidens) – clearly they are foolish and need to spend the rest of their lives weeping and wailing in the outer darkness.

Personally I think we should open a complete Ellis Island at every border crossing. This nation survived huge inrushes before, and many of them a) were Catholic, b) did not speak English, c) had very little formal education, but d) were willing to work very, very hard.

Can anyone spot the parallels here?

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