How do we know which version of the Bible is the truest or correct?

The original language copies of both Jewish and Christian Scriptures exist in quantities that put Homer so far at the back of he bus that he needs a belt to stay connected to the handle on the outside of the rear exit. OK that’s colorful, but reasonably accurate. The ratio has multiple zeroes.

The original language documents for every single book of the Jewish / Christian Bible do not differ beyond a small (handful) of instances in which it can be demonstrated that someone added material to “enhance” an interpretation or to e.g. bring Mark’s Gospel into line with the rest, because as drafted that gospel omitted the Resurrection. Not that it didn’t happen, it just didn’t get written down by Mark.

In short, the number of deviations between copies written a thousand years apart is minuscule, and in no way do any of the differences so much as tweak the import of the book. So, which version is correct? When it comes to the originals, that version is nailed down in “cement made not with water but with superglue.”

Past that point we rely on scholars to translate from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek; the Catholic Vulgate is their official translation into Latin. Today there are versions in every living language that the Western world has found scholars to apply to, and that total goes up all the time.

No, the translations do not agree word for word. You can guess on your own why that would be so – but GOD’s message lives and breathes in every one; He’s got that kind of power.

The ones to watch out for come from vested-interest sects such as the WatchTower Society (who think their version disproves Jesus’ divinity) or perhaps the Latter Day Saints – not sure, haven’t read it, and see no reason to.

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