How do evangelists explain the hard science behind evolution?

An evangelist, something I aspire to myself, explains that GOD said Let There Be Light. Along the way mankind has filled a library with books that explain the vast array of knowledge we’ve acquired. We begin to understand from a purely mechanical point of view: yes, GOD said that 13.78 billion years ago, and yes, the world is what it is. Don’t ask me about the why’s and the because’s – those are vital to the careers of a million-odd scientists, but not to me.

Abraham’s story about what happened when GOD said Let There Be Light is what it is. We understand that GOD wants us to, well, understand. We look into the heavens to see His great wonders, and realize that He left us no cautionary note saying, “Don’t look too close, lest you become confused.” Thus we shouldn’t be confused by science, which performs one job superlatively well, and that job is to help us understand GOD’s overwhelming glory.

GOD is love; we are created in GOD’s image, meaning that we are also capable of love. We’re imperfect, and miss that point most of the time. But, GOD being perfect, He supplies a way so that we, too, can be made perfect. After being made perfect we will spend time with GOD as perfected souls. That comes after our earthly body fails.

A failed body is ‘dead’ – a failed soul is ‘not washed.’ Jesus, the human life indwell by the second person of the trinity, lived a perfect human life. He died in such a way as to absorb the wages of our sins. Our bodies will die regardless. We sinned, andJesus undertook to endure bodily death so that our ‘wages’ could be paid. GOD died in body so that our souls’ wages would be paid.

We ask forgiveness for the sacrifice that our imperfections laid on Him. The second person of the trinity forgives us, and that forgiveness cleanses us of all imperfections. Thus, once this body “goes the way of all flesh,” our souls become acceptable for the afterlife. There we will know LOVE, and a peace that passes all understanding.

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