How would you distinguish between philosophy and religion? Are they complementary to each other?

Philosophy has usually been a response of the individual to the difficulty of constructing a fully rational explanation of the world as it exists. Questions that mingle varieties of why and how find answers.

Philosophies come and philosophies go, and the variety among them continues to expand.

Once the Judaeo-Christian faith became challengeable, a number of titanic minds attempted to answer those basic questions of how to respond to a difficult world and how to define its difficulties in a way that led to those answers without any prior authority to stand on.

Religion, on the other hand, provides a definition of the world, how it came to be, its faults and their causes, in terms set by one or more supernatural beings. In other words, religion tends to supplie its own philosophy with the Great Questions already answered. Christian Existentialism might work as a blend of both.

Bhuddism has temples, but at root functions as a “guide to understanding” or in other words is more philosophy than religion.

Hope this helps.

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