Would a single organism capable of true multi threaded data processing be one consciousness, or multiple acting together for the benefit of the host body? Or something else entirely?

Chickens! As a child I saw my mother’s beloved Uncle Everett prepare two live chickens for cooking. Step one was tie its feet and suspend it from the limb of a tree you wanted to nourish, step two was grasp the head (you can see where this is going) step three use that butcher knife, finally step four move way back because the headless chicken is going to flap its wings for several flailing seconds, until there’s no more blood to spray hither and far.

People on the other hand have so many many “parallel threads” watching the store so to speak. We acknowledge an “unconsious” or “id” that occupies the background at all times. We feel a single conscious thread, but that’s just the part of the iceberg that sits above the water.

Multiple personalities seldom come out in pairs, but they do exist.

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