Hypothetically if you live a sinless life, by Bible standards are you still sinful?

Hypothetically I can live on the air I breathe and butter won’t melt in my mouth. At least, hypothetically.

Since we’re discussing what the Bible says, several points come to mind. The largest one is Paul the Apostle writing about sin, and confessing that the things he should do, he sometimes did not; and the things he should not do, sometimes he did; and his most righteous acts? – in comparison to the holiness of GOD (and thus Jesus) those most-righteous acts were like filthy rags.

Now step into the 21st century and trace the development of anyone’s personality from, say, birth onward – times given are not exact –

[Birth to 1 1/2 years] Not aware of the existence of other wills, egos, etc. The world is your oyster and you get good at making it make you laugh.

[1 1/2 years to 4 years] The terrible two’s. They begin with the shattering existential come-uppance that other wills DO exist. Limits get defined by using the term “NO” no matter that the real meaning may be yes.

[4 years to 6 years] Learn that others feel pain too – arrival of the ability to understand guilt, hence experience it.

[6 years] Learn that death is permanent.

[Puberty] Life gets much more difficult and confusing. One’s parents expose themselves as morons. Only people the same age have any clue about anything.

[Adulthood] May arrive as late as mid-30’s This is where one realizes that perfection is way too expensive to even attempt. The “golden rule” means giving away all your gold. Nobody does that.

[Sainthood] (disregarding actual definition of any organization that believes it has the ability to recognize which among its dead can act at a distance to intercede with affairs on earth) This is Jesus Christ, who went into the Roman court system knowing it would crucify him. And he was GOD, just for the moment not in possession of GODly power or complete knowledge, e.g. when the End Times would arrive. That was GOD who experienced death by agony, for our sakes.

So, are we ready to live on the air we breathe and keep butter cold in our mouths?

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