I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; if being gay is a sin, and God forgives sins.. wouldn’t it be okay? Then it goes for all sins, who would go to hell when God would forgive you?

We have one mention in the Old Testament in a section devoted to cultural strictures, and Paul’s condemnation in the New Testament – Paul was also culturally tuned-in to the role of women. Think about that.

Since most of society is hetero, being gay makes a person instant discrimination-bait. If you believe that every word of Scripture has GOD’s fingerprint on it, then you have a reason to believe that gay sex is evil. But if you apply any yardstick to sin, you run up against Jesus, again – first He never appears to have mentioned gay-ness, and second He made it very clear that no human should have the hubris to condemn any other human’s sinfulness.

GOD judges, and GOD wants our adoration, obedience, and confession. Every sinner approaches the Savior with “a broken and contrite heart,” realizing that his or her sinfulness is ever present, and the need for forgiveness is constant. The crux of the matter is, do you feel like you’re breaking GOD’s heart when you choose to take a loving, faithful partner into your life who is the same gender as you are? GOD is love – gay orgies are not, but gay marriage is. Think about that.

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