What makes you realize that heaven is actually another word for universe? If GOD is from the Universe which HE built, what type of technology does HE have?

Technology? Having built this universe, I hear an assumption that ‘technology’ encompasses more than simply speaking the universe into existence: “In the beginning GOD said, ‘Let there be light.’” Whatever is meant by “a new heaven and a new earth” it appears unlikely to require something out of the fifth dimension. I doubt the reference to a new heaven and a new earth require belief in a whole new universe as well,.

Although that could be HIS answer. But when forgiven souls enter into HIS joy, the whole concept will be moot.

Rather, prepare yourself for standing face to face with holiness such as humans have never seen except in the person of Jesus Christ. We all are sinful, from birth. In fact we wouldn’t survive without demanding that our needs be met. What baby can repay her parents other than by being utterly adorable and smiling. Well, that may work for parents, but in the abstract that is a working definition of an unequal bargain.

Enough of this – it’s a mine field. But we are born without any idea of how to care for or love others; we learn that from our parents. In time we may become fairly good at it, but at no time ever is any regular human perfect.

What does this mean? It means, in the New Testament, that we must approach Christ “with a broken and contrite heart” because we realize that we’re not perfect. We ask the ONE who was perfect for forgiveness, and HE gives it. Time and time again – but first the “ask” has to arise from a “broken and contrite heart.”

When we understand the technology behind Christ’s Grace, we may have a clue about the ‘technology’ of Heaven.

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