Which Protestant groups don’t believe in the inerrancy of scripture?

I would say that “inerrancy” of Scripture is a cop-out. YES God said, “Let there be light.” That’s verse 3 of Genesis. But the first part of Genesis 1 is liturgy not history. The idea that GOD gave us a TED talk about how he created the universe (or at least home base, planet earth) doesn’t survive the simplest sniff test. No one I know has ever given a cogent answer as to why anyone in the modern world would endorse one origin story (Abraham’s) as rock when all other origin stories, if put in a lineup alongside Abraham’s, would cover it the way leaves cover other leaves on your lawn in the fall.

The one primary difference is that GOD perfuses HIMself into the Jewish Scripture then lays everything out in full 20–20 focus in the New Testament. The Old Testament GOD is patient, forgiving, full of love for HIS wayward children, and bears as many signs of a vein of gold (in the forms of predictions, prefigurings, preparations of ideas like mercy) such that when Jesus did come it became a 20–20 hindsight; HE had been written into the Old Testament from the beginning.

Just not the beginning we think of when reading Genesis. Rather, John 1:3 tells us that the word (Jesus, during his human life on earth) made all things that were made. Clue here, we are supposed to look into the heavens to see GOD’s signs and wonders, but a caveat is missing, the one that says, “Don’t look too close lest you become confused.” The advances in astronomy since the early 20th Century have given us a very close look; and we understand that GOD spoke the WORD more than a dozen billion years ago, i.e. more than two million times a mere six thousand years. The universe contains how many stars? We don’t have time to count that high in a hundred lifetimes, yet the WORD, if you believe John, did all of that before HE humbled HIMself to live as Jesus.

Who are we to quibble time and method with GOD? What is any length of time to a GOD for whom “a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” —? Who are we to quibble over evolution, as though GOD would never stoop to something like that. What adult mind in the modern era is going to elect Genesis as his truth if he hasn’t been raised in a Christian household?

The case for GOD is everywhere you look; the case for Genesis being inerrant, on the other hand, is like rawhide hogtying the advance of Christ.

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